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The adventures of Kylie

Kylie's journey to kicking cancer's ass

The adventures of Kylie

My baby girl is 9 months post-amputation & had a good x ray!

June 4th, 2017 · 5 Comments · Uncategorized

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We we recently had to repeat Kylie’s x rays after there was a “suspicious” looking area that the Dr. was not convinced was a tumour but needed to be sure.

So a month later, the area on the x ray did not get worse, if anything it looked better! Phew! We met with her Vet oncologist for a follow up & he reviewed the scans, he did a full physical exam on her, listened to her chest really thoroughly,  checked her bones, her muscles, etc. and said her mobility is good, her bones don’t appear to be causing her pain, her chest sounded “excellent” she has good activity level, and in great spirits, which are all good signs!  He was pleased. So we were thrilled! and SO relieved. We were really stressing about those results.

He says with osteosarcoma patients, if there is recurrence, the cancer will choose another bone to invade, or move to the chest, usually the chest. But the closer you get to the one year mark, that’s the tell tale sign for him, to know what the likelihood of recurrence is. He didn’t realize she was almost 9 months post amp. already 🙂

I looked him straight in the eye & said I have a question, it may be a silly one, but is it possible that because we amputated the leg and did the chemo right away, that we could have gotten all the cancer? I was completely surprised when he said Yes.  He says its only about 20-25%, but yes, it does happen.  Well guess what my friends, stats has not always been on my side in life, but in this case I’m so hopeful that we are going to get to keep our girl for a while longer! Literally we treat every day as a bonus day with her. We love her to pieces, spend so much time with her, talk to her, give her little walks, let her play with her friends when we can set it up, give her puppy massages while we watch tv, play hide and seek with her toy, etc. I told my husband if LOVE could cure cancer, then this is the case with our girl.

She will be 10 next week and we’re hoping to get many more months if not years with her. Positive thinking is the way to go!!


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  • travisray

    Oh Yay!!!! That is so pawesome!!!! You go Kylie!! I love it that you are ‘being more dawg’ and living in the now with her 🙂 Way to go Kylie’s pawrents!
    Martha, Travis Ray and the Oaktown Pack

  • misterrustybucket

    Yeah Kylie!! I am so happy for you and your family. 10 years old AND 9 months post-amp AND a clean vet check – that’s incredible. You’re right if love could cure cancer it could never come back. I hadn’t heard the 20-25% stat, that’s actually quite encouraging. I know those vet check ups are nerve-racking so I can imagine your relief at hearing the “all clear”. That is truly worth celebrating. Congrats Miss Kylie!!
    Love – Amy & Rusty
    PS the pic of her on the stairs just slays me, what sweet big eyes

  • laurad

    Congrats on a healthy checkup!

    Just wanted to say – your description of suspicious area in chest was just like how our girl went after her amputation and chemo…

    If your girl starts acting weird, like at all, and if you can, get xrays outside of the chest area. We kept vigorous watch of our girl’s lungs for mets while a GIANT tumor spread in her abdominal soft tissues! XO

    • superkylie

      Actually the little area that looked suspicious they said were doubtful it was a tumour because of the way it was framed by the ribs how it was shaped, but of course wanted it rechecked. So 1 month later not only was it not deemed a tumour, but it was smaller than it was when they first noticed it. But thanks for the tip, we will keep a close eye on her as always! She gets rechecked again in a couple months

  • otisandtess

    What great news! Glad she is doing so well!

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