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The adventures of Kylie

Kylie's journey to kicking cancer's ass

The adventures of Kylie

5 month Ampuversary for Kylie!! so far so good!

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Well hello all! Things have been busy around here but we wanted to update on how our Kylie girl is doing!  Feb 2 was 5 months post-amp surgery for her and she’s doing great!

All done her chemo a month ago so just had her blood work checked including her kidneys, liver etc.  and Vet referred to her results as “Excellent” so we are so happy about that! She was strong enough to bounce back and be healthy after her little body endured 6 rounds of chemo. Such a tough girl. Taking it all in like a champ. All the ladies at the  Vet, were so happy to see her and she gave out a lot of kisses that day 🙂  and got a lot of treats lol Its funny because they are so good to her and she loves going there so she walks in like she owns the place & begins looking for certain ladies as she knows where they sit. They greet her in a high pitch lady voice “Hi Kylie!!!” and she just eats it up!! She is special, not many tripawds in our little city. We call her our little celebrity 🙂

Next is chest X rays in 3 months. That will be a scary “hold your breath” kind of day that I’m already nervous about. I just pray its clear or at least relatively clear so we know we have a bit more time with her. I always knew I loved this dog more than almost anything else, but this experience just confirmed it. My husband and I often just sit and rub her belly and chat about her & how lucky we are. After all we’ve been through, and all the happiness she’s brought to our life and to everyone that meets her really, its amazing how smart and what a personality this little girl has. We never knew a dog could be like this. My family dog didn’t do much, she was sweet but also had a nippy/nasty side to some people. No one did much with her, she just slept under my bed growing up.

We both now love labs so much, this is our breed! Her energy, her personality, and just can’t get over how smart she is. We talk to her all the time and she understands! That may be why 😉 You talk to her and she will cock her head to the side and “listen” to you, waiting for key words she knows. She will go bring you a specific toy if you ask, she knows if I’m upset/sad and comes to comfort me with kisses until I’m laughing and can’t take anymore. Well done Ky!  😉

She does so many awesome things, but this is the best… so she sleeps on our bed and I trained her since she was young that when I hit snooze on my alarm, its not time to get up yet. (I’m not a jump out of bed kinda woman lol 😉 I would just say “not yet, moms still sleeping’  She used to still lift her head to look at me to check just in case, but years later now, she doesn’t even move. So picture the alarm is going BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ but I just tap the snooze button to make it stop. I will do that at least twice in the morning and Kylie doesn’t even stir now. She KNOWS its not time for Mom to get up yet.  BUT the moment I click the button over to ‘off’ and she hears that ‘click’ click’, then its GO time! She’s up and kissing my face, and doing circles, etc. and jumps off the bed and waits for me to do my bathroom duties, then we go down and she wolfs down her and goes outside. Its our routine and I love it. I cannot imagine what mornings will be like one day when she’s not with us anymore. Kevin tells me to stop thinking that way. Enjoy her now. He’s right. But we all know the day will come, its inevitable. Pretty sure I will cry every time I get up 🙁   We have no children, we couldn’t, so she is our everything and we just cannot love her enough and I truly feel she feels the same. She truly is a blessing.

Guess its also an emotional week, because Feb 9 was the date we were lucky enough to have found her while visiting our local animal shelter hoping to find the right addition to our family, and boy did we ever. Then on Feb 12 after she was spayed and ready to go “HOME” we got to take her with us. That was a long 3 days let me tell you.  This 6-7 month old lab, with such a sweet face, jumping up, trying to kiss us and working so hard for our attention in her “please pick me!!” manner.  We are thankful we did. Every day we have her truly is a Bonus day when you’re living on borrowed time thanks to nasty cancer.  Thanks for reading to the end, its a long one, I was on a roll 🙂

Chris, Kevin & Kylie xo

I’ve added a few classic “Kylie” pics.  She is very much a kisser!  Its kinda her thing! lol  (Oops it appears my pic is too big so I’m cut out lol)



This is her favourite spot where she hangs out most of the day, at the Front window. She can watch people and dogs walk by or see kids play at the park, and of course scare the crap out of our poor mailman as he comes up to the door lol :-O

This one I like because its shows her pretty smile. SO happy! Always so happy! Starting to get more gray in the face…guess being 9, battling cancer & enduring chemo will do that to ya!


Out for a walk…modelling her wonderful Ruffwear Harness and brushguard! That thing has been the best investment! Especially helping her in/out of the truck!

Her other favourite spot to be… the sectional lol  We have to lift her up but that’s OK 😉  (again the pic must be too large, the preview shows her head cut out of the pic sigh..) Well I tried! haha

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