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The adventures of Kylie

Kylie's journey to kicking cancer's ass

The adventures of Kylie

7 weeks post op – just can’t slow this girl down!

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Well its been a while since I posted in the blog. I’m really not very good at it. But I’m starting to understand the more I do it. At first wasn’t sure if I’m doing a new page? new post? lol

Anyway, we are having 3rd chemo treatment this Thursday. She has had one Doxo, one carbo and this week will be the 2nd Doxo.  She did great this last time, mostly I think because we started the anti-nausea meds early (day after chemo when she turned her nose up at her food) I wasn’t taking any chances! The first time was AWFUL with the vomiting and diarreha. But this time, by next day after starting the meds she was eating again with very little coaxing and never started any diarrhea so didn’t need to start those meds at all this time. We will do the same thing this time.

Now when we go for “walks” she is so excited and does her tripawd hop so fast that I’m basically jogging down the road with her to keep up! :-O

We took her out to the trail (one of her favourite walks) on the weekend. Its a little farther than we’ve been so far since surgery and we were worried she’d be sore, but she wasn’t too bad the next day. Kylie thought it was certainly worth some sore muscles for a day or so 😉 This is a video of her off leash on the trail, heading back. She continues to amaze me every day…

(and if you notice she gets smaller and farther away.. that’s because Mom cannot jog and take video so she got ahead of me lol )

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