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The adventures of Kylie

Kylie's journey to kicking cancer's ass

The adventures of Kylie

Kylie is loving living life on 3 legs

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So this past Thurs. Kylie was scheduled for her 4th chemo treatment & so we took her for bloodwork the day before so they’d get the results in time. As always they called us Wed. night to let us know if the results are good enough to go ahead., well for the first time, they weren’t. They said she was fine, but her WBC were just a bit too low for them to be comfortable putting her body through a chemo treatment. Fair enough! As long as they said she’s fine, I’m happy. They had already warned us at the start that this could happen.  So she is postponed 1 week until this  Thursday now.

The good news was that I had already booked the day off and I was already so excited for the extra long weekend (For the first time my work gave us the Friday off for Remembrance day!) so that meant a super long weekend for me so I  just couldn’t bear to go in to work. So I had a wonderful bonus day with my furbaby instead! We even took her to the dog park. 🙂 It was a big deal! She doesn’t get to go there very often as it is but this was the first time since her amp surgery! She clearly didn’t care she had 3 legs, as she was pulling like a crazy dog to get us in that dog park!! LOL Once she was there she happily mingled with the others.


It was busy that day too! Lots of dogs!I tried to post a video but apparently its too big 🙁

I could see alot of people checking out my proud tripawd and most didn’t ask, just smiled at her confidence & happiness. If people ask, I don’t hesitate to answer them and share her story. I want people to realize that if your dog is ever faced with amputation, it is not the end of the world. Its the start of a new & better pain free life on 3 legs. I feel Kylie is a good ambassador of that. I am proud to show her off and it does my heart good to see her feeling great & doing so well.


Another first is that we took her with us to the family cottage for the day on Saturday. Now THAT wore her out. She loves it there, but the yard is on a bit of an incline which was tough on my rear amp tripawd. Again, that didn’t stop her. I cringed at every big run she did around the yard, at every plop into the lake, at every stick chase she did with my husband..


img_8593  img_8587


All while knowing she would pay for it later that night. Well she did.:(  Poor girl could literally barely stand up. She would walk a bit and her leg would just kinda give out. My heart was breaking. I prayed it was just muscle soreness and temporary and she didn’t injure her remaining back leg!! That is my biggest nightmare! (besides the cancer spreading) My poor old girl. It was so hard to see her just lay there in one spot again, and only walking for purpose, not just wherever she wanted. Brought back bad memories of her painful days before we knew cancer was destroying her leg.  But I knew that was MY issue. This fur-mom is a worry wart! And I know that! So I finally took a big breath & let go of the anxiety & guilt! Breathe Chris!! She will be fine! I knew she did too much so this is the cost. Some sore muscles for a few days.  Not the end of the world, she will heal.

So she was on strict rest that night and the following day. She didn’t seem to mind one bit.



She was worn right out.  (note she has no problem laying on her amp side now! Yay! Been doing it a couple weeks now)

So it was back to post surgery routine of only going out on leashed front yard potty breaks and back in. Total rest! Mom’s rules!! 😉 I also used the heating pad on her back leg and hips as well as gave her light massages. So we did that and she seemed to feel better by the end of the next day. THANK GOD.

It was SO bittersweet though because she had THE TIME OF HER LIFE! I had never seen her that happy in probably 4-6 months! Kevin & I were just in awe!! I had my 2yr old dog back again! LOL (she’s 9!) Even when she was hurting that night, she still seemed to have that look of “Hell yeah that was an awesome day!!”  Just a look of content not caring she was worn out. Then I realized yep, once again we need to remember to all be more DOG! Enjoy each day to the fullest! This is what Kylie is teaching me.  Just look at that smile!! 😀


So today is a new day and she is doing even better & seems less sore! She is back to following us room to room, grabbing toys & wanting to play, even played chase with my husband around the house. So since she seemed antsy & missing her walks, we figured we’d try a SHORT one & see how she does. Well, I wish I had video because this dog of mine was tripawd-hopping her way down the street so quickly that I literally had to JOG to keep up with her. She did that all the way down to the stop sign where I planned to turn around to come back!  lol A man was walking past & couldn’t help but start a conversation with me once he saw her & said “oh wow I just noticed she only has 3 legs!” (while I’m thinking to myself yes, and I’m the dumb healthy human who had no problem running 6k last night, yet cannot keep up on a walk with my 3 legged dog!! lmao!  Oh what we don’t do for love!! Here I was worried she was still too sore & a walk might set her back again. Instead she took me for a jog.  God I love her. She just continues to amaze me!

Oh and a big thank you to Jerry for the reminder that I didn’t post Kylie’s Halloween pic yet!! Here’s my little angel! 🙂  Such a good sport!!



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