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The adventures of Kylie

Kylie's journey to kicking cancer's ass

The adventures of Kylie

Happy 4 Month Ampuversary Kylie!

January 2nd, 2017 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

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Well we noticed the date today and celebrated with a nice walk to the field (which she doesn’t get to go to as often since living life on 3 legs) as its quite a longer walk so she thoroughly enjoyed that! I expect she may be sore tonight or tomorrow but I also suspect she won’t give a rats you know what! It was worth it 🙂  It was a nice day here too, so more people were out walking, which she loves. She’s such a people dog! The neighbours just adore her and are always in awe at how she gets around so easily & 3 legs doesn’t seem to phase her!

Also she is definitely a lab who loves snow! she was running around in it, eating it, playing it it. She’s just too cute!! I took a couple of videos that will hopefully work when I share them!  We also celebrated with some special treats! For Christmas Kylie got some dehydrated Christmas feast food that you just add water and it also makes its own gravy! Well boy oh boy did she enjoy that!

Tonight we’re going to make sure to get some cuddles in on the couch together and watch some TV. She lays her big hot head on my lap while I rub her belly, yep this is the life!!

I cannot believe 4 months has passed by. She has her 6th and final chemo treatment this week.  Then some x rays and check up in her future. Hoping all is well and nothing is progressing cancer-wise, or I just don’t know how I’m gonna take it, so lets not even think it.  We are just enjoying every day because every day really is a bonus day and we are so thankful for each and every one!!  Such a sweet girl!

Nope videos are too large to post, so here is one of her on our walk 🙂


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Merry Christmas from Kylie!

December 25th, 2016 · 6 Comments · Uncategorized


Happy 2 month Ampuversary Kylie!

November 3rd, 2016 · 5 Comments · Uncategorized

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Just getting ready for bed here and realized the date! Sept 2 was Kylie’s surgery. Wow where did 2 months go? I am amazed at how far she has come since then. Limping around in pain, lethargic, not really eating, just whimpering and not herself. Just breaks my heart to think back to that time. Sept 1 we had our consultation with the Oncologist after our Vet’s x rays confirmed the cancer, and Sept 2 no more painful diseased leg! Now Nov 2, and she cannot slow down! She is full of energy, always wants to play, go for walks, seeing the neighbours, she’s just so happy, always kissing us! I swear some of those special gentle kisses are thank yous. 😉 I know she feels the love we have for her. She is our world and I know we are hers. I wish she could stay this happy and healthy forever. I know a day will come when things get worse again. I know she will not be with us forever. But for now, in our house, we say each day is a bonus day!  She had a pretty good bonus day today! (even if we forgot to actually officially celebrate the ampuversary.. oops) But she did have some chicken! as well as some canned food on her kibble. We were happy to see her eat. Her appetite has not been great the last few days, even with starting the anti nausea and anti diarrhea medication early. Its day 6 after the last chemo and in the morning she turns her nose up at her food. But will eat other stuff lol She eats her food in the evening, she feels good by then. So we’ve been babying her for the last few days. So really, its been an ampuversary week celebration!! 🙂  Cake to follow!

Oh and I plan to upload the halloween pic of her soon too. Right now its bedtime for all of us zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!


Chemo treatment #3 done! This is getting easier!

October 29th, 2016 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

Today we had to drive to Toronto again (in the rain and some light snow today) for Kylie’s 3rd chemo treatment. She has already had Doxo 1, Carbo 1 and this was Doxo 2. She returns Nov 10 for Carbo 2.  She is taking the chemo like a champ.   Yesterday she had to get bloodwork done at our Vet here in town. Then they send it to Toronto via email and we get the call either that night or the morning of Chemo to say Yep, looks good, we can go ahead with next treatment. My husband Kevin takes her for the blood work usually. Its so funny because she loves it there. I text to ask how its going and I get a text back saying, “she ran in & I couldn’t keep up lol” So I start laughing at work, thinking ahh that’s my girl! Kevin said to her “you know they are going to take your blood?” lol   Kylie doesn’t care!  I know alot of dogs are scared of the Vet. Ours sees it as an outing to see the nice ladies that love her and give her treats 🙂

Also I doubt they see many tripawds. She’s like a celebrity in there really. Also she has spent alot of time there (couple times a week) when she had rehab for her leg before we knew it was cancer. The girls all ooh and ahh over her and Ky just eats it up! LOL

Today was chemo and honestly, I think she just enjoys the road trip with Mom & Dad and the timbit (donut hole) she knows she will get from Tim Hortons on the way! lol Yep her appetite is still great! But like many others have said. Kylie doesn’t know she has cancer or what that even is! Kylie doesn’t care what chemo is either! She’s just happy we take the day off work to spend with her and go places 🙂  As soon as we arrive she is pulling us through the door, ears up, tail wagging, ready for the ladies at the desk to greet her.  Of course she doesn’t get the same greeting as she does at our usual local Vet, but they do still like her & say how sweet she is!   Then we sit & wait for our turn. She hates that part. I do too because she is NOT a good waiter. She just whimpers and paces and will not lay down or even sit. I bribe her with the dog treats on the little table & she gobbles them down but stand right back up! Way too excited & nervous. The nice girl takes her to be weighed then calls us in to see the oncologist. He has a little exam room with two doors. One from the outside where we enter, and one from the back where he enters. Well today his back door was ajar, just enough for a lab head to fit! Do you see where I’m going with this?? She’s very nosey so when I take her off leash to wait in the room, she walks over, peeks her head out at the staff in the back then comes back to see us. So she keeps doing this, and finally, her tail starts wagging hard!! He’s coming! lol  So he enters & Kylie greets him too and he can’t help but smile and pet her and talk to her. (She really is a people dog!!) So I tell him that she was just letting him know that she was ready for him now. He laughed. I’ve never seen him laugh. He’s kind of a serious guy usually. I think Kylie is softening him up. 😉 She has a way of getting into everyone’s heart that she meets.

So he starts by telling us she’s gained weight. Which at first we thought was a good thing since after the first chemo treatment she was so sick & didn’t eat anything for 3 days & actually lost weight. So we ask how much she gained. A KILOGRAM! Ooops! haha! He says we have to be careful because she’s living life on 3 legs now. OK, ok so we scale back on the treats starting tomorrow 😉

He checks her over and says she looks great, listens to her with the stethescope,  bloodwork was good, asks no issues at home? nope. OK lets get her started and he takes her to the back and we come back in 30mins. (By the way, on our bill, that Vet “recheck” just cost us $73 and I bet he spent less than 10mins with us) but whatever! I like that he checks in with us and her before each time. Gives me some peace of mind.  Today Kev & I walked down the road and found a place to split a poutine & a rootbeer! (we should probably scale back on the goodies soon too lol) We return & sit to wait some more and out comes our girl PULLING on the poor young Vet tech girl who is basically jogging to us. Did I mention she has some serious separation anxiety?? (and so do we haha!)

Today she had a cute new bandage on. They always fix her up so nice.



Oh & of course took some chemo car trip selfies as usual too!



She loves that we take the truck so that she can sit between us (such a big suck!)



Heading home!!! She slept against my lap the whole way home. Very content.. and worn out.


Its a long tiring day on chemo days. We got home, fed her supper which she wolfed down without issue. Drank a bunch of water. We started her on the anti-nausea and anti-diarrhea pills as directed by the oncologist so we can avoid a repeat of Doxo 1. And we should be good to go!

Oh then we all had a nap lol


ETA: Well it appears I did not actually publish this post the other day lol I really suck at doing blogs haha





5 weeks post op & Look at her go!

October 9th, 2016 · 5 Comments · Uncategorized

Just had to add this video I took today (don’t mind any panting you hear, it’s just ME trying to videotape and keep up with my new Tripawd lol)

She feels so good & im just so excited to see her progress. We just had her 2nd chemo Thursday so I wasn’t sure how she’d feel this weekend, but she was so hyper and antsy today that when I asked if she wanted to walk I thought she was gonna bark my ears off!

P.s. My hubby just called me into the room to show me that Kylie is laying on the couch on her amp side! FIRST TIME since surgery!! Yay Kylie! What a special night!


There was an even better video but apparently its too large to upload on this site 🙁